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Probably the best IDE on the market so far that boosts your productivity to its maximum. The first time I was introduced to IDEA Intellij I felt in love with it.  I do not understand some developers that has like 3 to 4 separate programs and ten opened command line terminals (CLT) when develop. It goes something like this one IDE for source code one Database viewer, one CLT for building the project, one for deployment and another for starting local dev server and god knows what else. IDEA Intellij has them all in one windows maybe two at most.

IBM informix

As a programmer not a DB architect/admin I can say that Informix is not one of the popular DB system on the marker, or maybe I am the one that is missing something.  However, it is used by our systems. So, I wanted to use IDEA Intellij plug-in for DB, to execute queries and explore database  instead of any other tool like DB Visualizer . It has a powerful and easy to use built-in plugin for Database SQL, schema and tables view.

IDEA Intellij Does not support IBM Informix 

Or at lease this is what I thought. When you add ‘Data Source’ in Database tab you will see a list of popular DBs like IBM DB2, Derby ,H2, … MySQL, PostgresSQL etc. However will not see IBM Informix. At first I was confused that IDEA Intellij does not support IBM Informix then, of course, I managed to google it but I was even more confused  that there were no result talking about how to configure IDEA intellij to work with informix, or at least I couldn’t find any.

It turned out that it is very easy. Just click on  ‘Data source properties’ click ‘Add’ then choose ‘Database driver’ and pick up informix JDBC driver. You can download informix JDBC driver from IBM official website.





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  1. manne


    care to add some more info, how you configured it exactly?

    trying to get my informix connection up and running in intellij, but intellij keeps throwing class cast exceptions when hitting the “test connection” button. Added the informix drivers and they seem to work fine…

    maybe some screenshots or some text that I can map to intellij’s interface.

    thanks. manne

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