Do you play enough ? I didn’t ! and it was a mistake. Few months ago the company I am working at setup another gaming room on my floor, previously I had to go upstairs to play, but for some reason I didn’t. After setting up the new gaming room, most of the guys started playing video games. The company brought us a brand new Play Station 4. My first thoughts were “Oh my God everyone will start playing, productivity’s will go down and most of our projects will suffer a delay, what a waste of time!” I am a video games fan, I used to play a lot in my school days, especially mmorpg games like Cabal, MU, runescape,and others like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Counter Strike, and many others. The sad story is that I stopped playing at some point, I grew up right ? I had to start studying for high school exams then enroll in University where I had to study hard and build my career there by attending presentations, planning projects, working for some local companies -in other words- always tried not to “waste” my time. Well, it was extremely bad idea ! Not the fact that I cared about my career and self-development but that I didn’t give myself time to play, I was selfish to myself and always considered playing a time wasting !. But what happened ? Ok, the guys at the office got the new Mortal Kombat X game and challenged me. I am that type of guy that if you want me to do something – tell me I can’t do it ! I got into the game and for some reason I allowed myself to dive in and guess what ? I felt fresh again my motivation, productivity and focus factor all went up, currently I am able to concentrate and finish in one hour what I wasn’t able to for two or three hours. It feels like my mind needed its time for pleasure and joy just like my body needs its portion of sugar, protein and carbs everyday !     If you are the type of guy that always wants to keep up, not “wasting” his time, and always strive to be on the top, not bad but give yourself some time to please your mind. Start playing and enjoy your time. Here is a very interesting presentation by Steve Keil talking about play and how important playing is .


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